My Visa Application

23 Oct

A whole week has passed since I last wrote, and while last week I brought you the good news that we had finally found our new home in Jerusalem, this week I bring you news of our initial foray into the bureaucratic universe that is the Israeli Ministry of the Interior. Yes, time had finally come to get my visa application process underway…

Fortunately for us, Israel has a visa system for unmarried partners of Israeli citizens – great! However, horror stories abound of application processes being delayed for months on end, or even of couples being denied the visa for this or that reason. But thanks to Asya’s tireless research through online forums and the like we came to the office well prepared, bringing with us the necessary documents along with letters and photos proving our relationship to be genuine. Still, suddenly sitting in front of a heartless bureaucrat in a stuffy cramped office in the bowels of a dilapidated ministry building, you heart suddenly began to race in the face of a decision that could either make or break the reality of my move to Israel.

But as I said, we came pretty well prepared, with the only document causing any problem was my CRB check; it seems they are used to authoring documents issued by the police and not the Criminal Records Bureau. Hopefully this shouldn’t be too big an issue. With all other documents in order we can now look forward to the 12th November where we are likely to be questioned separately about our relationship, whether it’s truly genuine. Should be no problem whatsoever…well as long as they don’t ask me questions along the lines of what brand of facial cream Asya uses; for those of you have seen the film “Green Card”.

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