Time To Get Political

11 Nov

Aside from the day-to-day experiences of suddenly finding myself living in this crazy little country called Israel, I had hoped to use this blog as an outlet for my thoughts and frustrations regarding the whole Israeli/Palestinian issue as well as the wider Arab-Israeli conflict. International relations vis-à-vis Latin America had always been my main interest, but ever since Israel made an unexpected entry into my life I have also done my best to follow the news from this tumultuous and mind-bogglingly complex part of the world. Whereas Latin American international relations had always been pretty straightforward, it’s common knowledge that the Middle Eastern region is neither easily understood nor explained.

It’s hard to really know where to start. I guess throughout the course of future blog posts I will endeavour to cast some light on, for both you and myself, as to what Israel and the Jewish people have gone through to get where they are now, what lies ahead for this country, and how it’s going about dealing with the quandary that is the Middle East “peace” process. Also take a look at some of the internal struggles within Israel that tend not to get noted back home. But probably most importantly of all, just to be able to vent the inevitable frustrations I will have with living in a country that is beset by it’s inability, and that of the Arab states, to sit down and recognise the peaceful aspirations of (almost) all populations here. No mean task, especially as this is a region awash with extremist viewpoints, exaggerated accusations, and dangerous misconceptions; with the violent repercussions obvious to all.

Obama Cartoon

It can be hard to be heard amidst all the racket. Cartoon by Morten Morland (The Times 29/12/08)

No matter where you stand on Israel and its policies it easy to find a 101 blogs or editorial opinion pieces to back you up (facts and all), hindering the need for anyone to ever take a re-evaluating step back. While I sincerely hope not fall into the trap of pre-labelling myself and my opinions as either anti-this or pro-that, I do hope that I can engage sincerely with the opinions from here, there and everywhere on the political spectrum, adding my own initial thoughts alongside. It’s probably too naïve to believe that anyone could ever offer any remotely objective commentary, but I do have the faith in the ability of such simple things as accepting that maybe your original perceptions were misguided and that there are multiple voices (from the left and the right) that deserve to be heard and appreciated – admissions that would definitely go along way in easing some of the tensions here.

Okay enough of this idealistic “call to arms” for quiet and balanced reflection. It’s getting late here and I must get on with reading the daily updates from my favourite list of left-wing, anti-Israeli, pro-Palestinian op-eds before calling it a night 😉

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