That Elusive Work Permit

14 Nov

So today was meant to be the day when I would be able to plaster a photo of my passport with accompanying Israeli work visa stamped neatly into it. But, alas, today was not to be the day. My passport remains empty 😦

Before you all get too worried I should quickly state that our interviews went well and yes, the Israeli authorities do believe that we are a genuine couple. Called in one at a time, we were both able to give identical answers to a wide range of questions about our relationship – questions ranging from how we met, to who does what housework, and what we had for dinner last night. Quite a novel experience really and thankfully far from the nerve-wracking scenario it could so easily have been.

Unfortunately there are still problems with one of my documents. Along with the birth certificate, passport and the like we also had to produce my criminal (free) record from the British police. The document we turned up with was a CRB check (criminal records bureau check) from when I was working with a London charity. Despite that this document is one of the most enhanced forms of police checks you can have, just because the “dear” old ladies in the interior ministry office had never seen such a document before means that it seems my whole visa-application process is going to be delayed by at least for another month whilst we go about applying for the “proper” document.

It’s a bit of a nuisance, especially as I’ve had to turn down a decent job interview for the very reason that I am without a work permit. But I guess we should still be thankful that we’ve got through the most stressful stages of the application process and that whilst I’m still not able to head out into the Israeli job market quite yet, and I can still keep myself busy learning Hebrew and working from home on a few projects I brought with me from England.

But watch this space. Hopefully by Christmas I’ll be able to post a photo from passport with that elusive visa.

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One response to “That Elusive Work Permit

  1. sofi

    November 26, 2009 at 3:16 pm

    hey! good to read about yous two, sorry i havent been in contact for more than a year now, had a bit of a rough time but now back to uni to finish degree. so you guys moved to Israel? Sounds exiting! Hope all is well and I am sending lots of love and warm greetings from Aberdeen. Que esten bien y suerte con la busqueda de trabajo!


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