Can Israel Rock? Well Yoni Bloch isn’t Bad.

30 Jan

As with every other new country I’ve moved to I’ve taken it upon myself to sample new music, getting into singers and bands whose presence back home would, at best, be limited to gathering dust at the back of the world music section. My ventures into South America ended up with a whole album collection of really good local bands; from alternative Rock to Electro-tango – though naturally giving all forms of cumbia-pop and reggaton a very wide berth.

Thankfully Israel has also provided me with interesting new bands and singers, and many news albums to spice up my record collection.

I am sure when you think of Israeli  popular music you will all instantly recall the 1998 Eurovision winning song “Diva” by transvestite Dana International. This, however, is not what I mean by interesting Israeli music. Amidst the horrors of the Middle Eastern-sounding pop singles that are churned out by these Israeli “artists”, I have been duly directed towards the few decent rock and pop bands that exist here.

One of the better local rock singers I’ve stumbled across would have to be Yoni Bloch (יוני בלוך). Last week I bought his first album, with 15 tracks of simple melody-driven Israel pop/rock. I’ve included below of some of the better songs for your enjoyment:

The video below is a live TV performance of  one of my favorite songs  from the album. Unfortunately the quality of the recording here is a bit dodgy.

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