Photos of the Dome of the Rock

23 Feb

Following on from my previous post, Photos from the Western Wall, it’s only logical to follow up with my Mum’s take on the Dome of the Rock; described in my guide book as, “the enduring symbol of the city and undoubtedly one of the most photographed buildings on earth.”

No doubt its overwhelming presence on the city’s skyline acts as a stark reminder of the religious dualism of this city. Despite the ‘Jewification’ of the city by Jewish migration and other less peaceful means, large parts of Jerusalem retain an indisputable Arab and Islamic character: no more evident than when wandering the streets of East Jerusalem or the Old City’s Muslim quarter – all the while overshadowed by the imposing Dome of the Rock.

But let’s not go into the politics of Jerusalem here, otherwise we’ll be all night… Instead scroll down for some lovely photos of one of Islam’s holiest of sites. As it’s name suggest the Dome of the Rock covers a slab of stone from where, according to Islamic belief, the Prophet Mohammad rose towards heaven.  And according to Jewish belief it’s where Abraham prepared to sacrifice his son Isaac.

Unfortunately, entering the actual Temple Mount, an open plaza where both the Dome of the Rock and Al-Aqsa mosque is situated is far from straight-forward. The few times I’ve attempted to enter the Temple Mount have been cut short by stern Israeli soldiers who patrol the entrances. So for now we must make do with these long shots of the dazzling dome.

Rising out amidst the patchwork of rooftops, the dazzling Dome of the Rock pervades the skyline.

The Photographer: My Mum

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