“YES I Can”: Obama in Israeli TV Advert

27 Feb

 With little better to do last night and with Asya’s parents’ cable TV to my disposable I sat up and spent 3 hours following the US healthcare debate chaired by Barack Obama live on Fox News and CNN.

 Why?? I’m neither American nor can I claim to have some innate interest in government run healthcare issues – who can? The debate was dry, complex, and dragged on without any sense of direction. However, I found it fascinating. For once I could see the President debate an issue rather than merely dictating his views through another well-crafted speech; for once the Democratic and Republican politicians points of views could be digested meaningfully – a stark contrast to the sound bite newsfeeds that we’re otherwise fed.  

But like so many non-Americans I was, however, still left wondering a) why the idea of guaranteed health coverage is so objectionable, and b) how can a President and party with such a large majority remain unable to bring about any of the changes it had planned on? Has the US really become so ungovernable??

Needless to say the Netanyahu government will be smiling wryly at the lack of progress on the healthcare issue, or any domestic issue for that matter. The more Obama’s attention is taken up on domestic issues the less likely he is to bother  attempting to untie the Gordian knot that is the Israeli-Palestinian issue.

 This brings me onto the sole reason of this post – to show off this ridiculous Israeli TV advert (for a major Israeli cable TV company) that has being doing the rounds on TV channels here for the last couple of months. Its repetitiveness has made it hugely annoying – but you have to give it to them, it’s well made and indeed for a mere millisecond I really thought Obama had perhaps taken a step too far in trying to curry favour in Israel.


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