Photos from the Dead Sea

13 Mar

You may not want to reading this if you’re still stuck in the deep-freeze of Northern Europe, but this week the mercury has been hitting the 30s here in Israel – moving here really does make so much more sense when it’s like this.

Anyway one place in Israel you can find guaranteed sun and warmth all year round is the Dead Sea. At 422 metres below sea level it’s the lowest place on the Earth’s surface on dry land. Back in January I was there with my Mum and Asya’s family, where were able to soak up the warm winter sun as well try out the peculiar experience of floating in this salt lake. Its salinity (8 times more salty than sea water) makes it almost impossible to swim in, and truly ghastly if you mistakenly get any of the water in your mouth or eyes.

With Asya and Dudi (her brother). Viewpoint out over the Dead Sea with the hills of Jordan in the distance.

Floating in the Dead Sea - now if only my iPod was watertight and I could have been there all afternoon.

Camped out on the beach.

Of course you could cover yourself in mud for the full Dead Sea therapeutic experience.

Another view out over the Dead Sea and the Jordanian hills.

Amidst all the natural beauty there has to be space for the odd built-up tourist resort catering for the masses.

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