Rona Kenan – A rare gig in Jerusalem

03 Oct

What a strange month September has been. After almost an entire year spent in Israel without once leaving its borders, Asya and I spent almost the entirety of September abroad, either relaxing in late summer sun in Croatia, or revisiting family in beautifully autumnal Denmark.

But before writing a post and adding photos from our time away in Denmark I thought I’d briefly mention this great little gig in Jerusalem we managed to squeeze in, between unpacking from Croatia (our summer clothing) and repacking for Denmark (all our winter clothing). The concert was with the young Israeli singer-songwriter Rona Kenan, one of the few of Israeli singers Asya has managed to get me hooked on. We don’t go out to concerts that often here as a) decent Israeli acts are few and far between and b) most international artists now boycott Israel, so a night out with the prospect quality live music was something to look forward to.

It’s always hard to describe to a good concert, but the music was lovely and atmospheric and even though I didn’t quite know all the songs I could still follow some of the Hebrew lyrics which is always a bonus. It’s a shame there aren’t more evening like this here…

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