“Somebody to Love” at Hebrew University

15 Oct

This week the university year got back under way in Israel. After our various summer excursions to Croatia and Denmark, not to mention surviving the hottest Israeli summer in decades (so everyone keeps telling me) life is slowly getting back to normal. Asya is back studying again at the Hebrew University after some very good exams results whilst I’m playing with the idea of getting back into university, possibly doing a Ph.D., possibly just attending some Master’s classes – we’ll see where it all pans out.

As a way to mark the start of the new year the Hebrew University student union got together a few dozen students to make a flamboyant music video (lip-dub), a cover version of Queen’s “Somebody to Love”. Now whilst Glee’s cover a Queen song is an act of blasphemy that I for one find hard to condone, the way it’s shot is, I have to admit, pretty well done – the whole thing filmed in one long continuous shot. And then there is the small matter of Asya starring in the video as well (see 3:04 and onwards).

From its humble beginnings the video has now officially gone viral having been featured on some of Israel’s leading TV channels and online websites. Every day Asya informs of how many more tens of thousands of people have now viewed the YouTube link (75,000 and counting). I’ve added the video, but I think because of rights reasons it’s not possible to view the video here, but click on the link and you can view it on YouTube.

If nothing else the video gives you a brief glimpse into the Hebrew University campus. Especially noteworthy is the canteen they walk through which has the sad history of having been the target of a suicide bombing at the height of the Second Intifada in 2003, an attack that killed 7 people. So now, as with almost all large public buildings in Israel, you have to go through airport style metal detectors and have your bags examined before entering the campus.

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