Long Live the Peace Process: “A Palestinian State is a Disaster for Israel”

26 May

Whilst US President Barack Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu exchanged blows from their respective soapboxes this past week, life in the state of Israel/Palestine continued pretty much as normal. Two nations slowly sleepwalking towards a September showdown – a showdown to which we here in Jerusalem are guaranteed front row seats.

   The international community may well speak of a two-state solution, but on the ground the prospect of such a solution seems very far off for a multitude of reasons. A couple of months ago Chabad, an ultra-orthodox Jewish organisation, ran a poster campaign (see below) on buses across Jerusalem warning that a Palestinian state would be a disaster for Israel. While it’s right to not criticise the running of such adverts on the basis of freedom of speech, it’s depressing that such views continue to be spread throughout Israel especially when both sides are meant to refrain from propagating fear and hatred of the other side. The peace-process may have stalled on the diplomatic front, but in Israel it’s hard to see how the idea of a Palestinian could ever be sold to the electorate. Things don’t bode well…

"A Palestinian State is a Disaster for Israel"


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