Latvia vs Israel – Euro 2012 Qualifiers (one step closer…)

07 Jun

A 2-1 win against Latvia, their third consecutive victory, leaves Israel well poised as the Euro 2012 qualifiers enter their final stretch.

I’ve mentioned this before but it always feels slightly strange writing ‘inconsequential’ things like music and football on this blog when there are far more important and worrisome events going on right here in Jerusalem, the country and indeed the whole of the region. But perhaps I’m picking up on that very perplexing Israeli trait of shrugging one’s shoulders at the tumultuous events going on around us and getting on with living out a life of illusionary peace and Western normality on the sunny Mediterranean; hmm…

Nothing better fits this bill of escapism than last weekend’s Euro 2012 qualifier against Latvia, a must-win game for the Israeli national football team.

After two solid home wins against Latvia and Georgia earlier in the year it was time for Israel to take their new-found form and see if they could replicate it on the road. Aside from a few testing moments towards the end of the game Israel held of Latvia fairly easily in the end. Okay, so it wasn’t exactly Barcelona vs Manchester United but with very little football shown on our meagre 4-channel television set, I couldn’t really complain.

Israel still remains behind Croatia and Greece in the group, but with their two next games against both Greece and Croatia they still stand a decent chance of at least making the knockout stages of the qualifiers – and Israel can still hope of playing in their first major international football tournament since the 1970 world cup.


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