So here we go…

The big move day finally arrived.

It had otherwise been so easy to talk  about this move; the inevitable outcome of Asya not being able to secure the necessary university funding to study at Oxford. Even now, sitting in transit in Riga airport waiting for the connecting midnight plane to Tel Aviv, it still seems unfathomable that I have decided to up sticks – once again – and relocate to the unknown. “Yeah, I’m moving to Israel,” a statement I’ve uttered countless times over the last couple of months. The puzzled faces that often greeted this assertion, soon made me realise that perhaps this wasn’t the move that most people would have expected from someone who had spent the last decade dedicated to studying/living all things Latin American. While it might not have been what people had expected (myself included) there is not an ounce of me that for one minute would ever consider doing anything else. I can’t wait to get going…!

Sentiment aside, I thought I would start this blog as a way to keep friends and family alike up-to-date with what’s bound to be a heck of a change.  Neither Asya nor I can fairly predict how this experience is going to pan out: will my visa application be successful? Is finding apartments in Jerusalem really so impossible? After years away from classroom what will going to university be like for Asya? Not to mention how does a non-Hebrew speaking (and non-Jewish) Latin American specialist find a decent job in recession hit Jerusalem?

Although a lot of this is bound to be dedicated to how we got about solving the above problems, I am sure I will find reason to write about local going-ons and the more tumultuous events involving Israel’s and the wider world’s elusive search for peace in the Middle East – yes, time to put that Middle East Politics course at university to use. While I may theorize to my heart’s content about the likelihood of such peace, I must mention that Christian (my younger more daring brother) is, as I write, on his way to the Persian Gulf in his HMS Frigate – its presence a far more resourceful way to secure peace in the region I’m sure. By the way any heads up on dodgy Iranian activity in the region (i.e. anything pointed towards Israel) would be much appreciated…


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